Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Need a laugh? I do.

I know this story is kind of a downer, so I wanted to include something fun. The County Clerk's office provided me with some excellent material. This is the pamphlet they give you to make sure you have no problems getting to your court date. Obviously the parts in red are mine, the rest is unedited. Click on the picture for the full effect:

EDIT 4/19/07 11:31AM: I was wrong about the Main Office address. That is the correct address. The courthouse address, however, is still dead wrong. Also, their website is still giving the same "not found" error after nearly a month.

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nano said...

Woah. That is comic relief, but of the blackest sort. I'm glad you've kept your sense of humour and perspective intact in dealing with this. Best of luck!